Thursday, 9 April 2015

Fabby Doodle Drawing Workshops

This is just a really quick post to let you know about my business Fabby Doodle where I run art, craft and drawing workshops.
I have spruced up the website so just wanted to post the link on here.

As always I welcome constructive feedback, and would also love to know if there's anything I can help you with drawing-wise :)

Have a great day,

Fi x

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Fall In Love With Your Process...

I'm in the really early stages of creating a new body of work and thought I'd share a glimpse at what I'm doing. I'm not sure which direction I'm going in with these yet but having fun creating and approaching my work from a slightly different angle.

There I was busily drawing cats ( because it just felt right) and all of a sudden these little faces started appearing.
They are inspired by my children Charlotte and Fern. I'm also returning to pencil (I had sort if forgotten about pencil but I think I'm falling in love again) and really enjoying it!
It's the small things folks...the small things! ;)
Hope you like this little sneak peek and I'll update the blog with my progress as it happens.

Have a lovely day :)

Fi x

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Find The Essence!

Cute cat brooch by Lucy for fi&me

"Rooted in drawing is the desire to create..."

If, like me, you are on a creative journey, you might want to ponder this question? Is being creative essentially about finding the essence of what you love to do?
For me the drive to create has always been found in drawing.
Whatever medium I use to craft and create this is where I always return. For the most part, it feels like home. But it can feel, on occasion, a slightly scary place because it is exposing. What if I'm found out?  That my human characters aren't perfectly figurative, that proportions might be out? That really I'm not THAT good!
Aaargh! See how quickly self-doubt can escalate! Ha! (Quickly beats those 'mind monkeys' off with a stick!)

I truly believe that practicing, and more importantly, enjoying the process of honing a skill is the key to being successful at it, regardless of the end result.
When Lucy and I started to attend craft fairs with our vintage inspired business Fi&Me we were exploring how far we could take our creativity. We were having fun and using a whole cohort of techniques that we had been taught over the years from various wonderful people in our lives, family members, teachers and crafts people whose work we admire.
 It was fun! For example, I love to make soft toys based on my designs and inspired by mid-century design. I learnt to crochet, make basic origami and stitch felt embroideries of my Babushka Doll illustrations. But gradually over the 5 years that our little collective has existed we always came back to one thing...drawing.
Rooted in drawing is the desire to create. On a personal level drawing helps me test out my design idea before I commit. This can apply to all art forms, not just art and craft. Last week, for example, I happened to turn on the TV to see Andrew Marr (himself an accomplished draftsman) interviewing  Sir Anthony Sher. It was fascinating to hear him talk about how he uses drawing when developing a character, in drawing he discovers more about them;
 “I do portaits,” actor Sir Antony Sher told the BBC’s Andrew Marr. “I often find that I’m discovering how a character feels by drawing them.”
If I had to choose one aspect of my practice and I could only do that forever, it would be drawing. No contest. But why choose? Drawing has the power to enhance many inter-related art forms.
What is your favourite medium? It might be needle point or collage, or water colour might be the easiest thing to warm up with and get your creative juices flowing?
 I think a lot of what puts people off is that the image they may see and want to create is at odds with what spills out onto the paper with the first doodles/paint sketches.
Learning to be ok with this is the key I believe. Believe it or not, quite often what I think I will draw and what I actually draw are very different but I've learnt to be ok with that and then all of a sudden you might find you have created your own style anyway!
:) x

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Doodles With Daddy #1

Doodles With Daddy...#1

So, officially, in our household I'm the artist. But hang on a minute, how dare I covet that title! My other half has over 20 years experience in print, graphics editing and retouching. Granted, he doesn't tend to draw anymore but that's not to say he can't or never did.
For a lot of people drawing is something they used to do as children, reserved for a place in the past. Who has time to draw (unless you're lucky and it's your job) with the busy constraints of life today?
Our 5 year old daughter gets a lot of enjoyment out of drawing and over the last few months i have seen that this drive in her has rekindled my partner's passion for doodling.

It's joyful to watch the two of them giggling away over funny faces, or a particular challenge that Daddy has set. Perhaps as a professional artist I am in some ways less spontaneous when it comes to picking something to draw, a bit more safe! Paul's choices are inspired...pantomime baddies, fruit with funny faces and my favourite...zombies!

by Charlotte and her dad!

Scary subject matter is not out of bounds and quite rightly. It  is somehow made more comical and less worrying for a little one who might be wondering what's lurking under the bed at bed times. If she's worried what better way to confront the fear than by drawing a funny picture of it?

by Charlotte, age 5

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Brrrr! Inspired by hats!

Pardon the pun but I take my hat off to all those parents who are able to get their children to wear  a hat to school! My little girl won't wear hers at the moment. This morning was one of those lovely crisp winter mornings but boy was it on the chilly side.

Inspired by all the wonderful winter knit wear I saw at this morning's drop off I have created a quick sketch.

Enjoy x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fi & Me and Sarah Sunshine Parties

Fi & Me
handmade. illustrated. vintage

Excitingly, we have a brand spanking new design for our online shop at Fi & Me! You can visit to see our products.

Summer seems to have revitalised our passion for all things handmade and illustrated, helped along by the beautiful weather and our involvement in a new market Romiley Artisan Market, Stockport.

I am due to have baby number 2 in the next few weeks so have been busy alternating between nesting, making puppets (more on the in another post) and sewing owls! I will be taking a break for maternity leave so Fi & Me will be in the very capable hands of my sister Lu. I will hopefully still get time to do the odd drawing over the next 9 months before I return to work.

Sarah Sunshine Parties

Another exciting piece of news is that some of my illustrated characters are now featured on the gorgeous Sarah Sunshine Parties website.

For parties to remember, visit the website here and meet the wonderful Sarah Sunshine!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Crafty Pets #BEDM 7

First there was Sharky and George, a couple of gold fish. Then came Baldrick a little hamster with a penchant for sleep. Somewhere along the way I think we had some stick insects and the odd colony of sea monkeys. Now we share our house with the very beautiful Zeta (aka Cat Face!) or rather she allows us to live here with her.

Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had our ups and downs; she’s bought many a mouse in, in various states of aliveness, the odd frog and occasional mole (eek!)
Anyway, I thought I would search for some other crafters and illustrators who are featuring pets in their art practices. Hope you enjoy having a look as much as I did finding them.
Wow! Spot the difference
By TimeTravelersWares on etsy

Wooden wedding topper with pet cat
By iislands on etsy
Boston Terrier earrings by Pooch Tags on etsy

Custom couple portraits by Rose Hudson on etsy